Thursday, November 13, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Nursery Mural Project

I've been creating a mural. At least part of the time between now and when last I posted, that is.  The mural is for my soon-to-be-born first child!

Needless to say, both my wife and I are incredibly excited about the new addition.  So to channel some of my energy I painted a mural in the nursery.  And now I present it to you from beginning to the end.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Not much to say about this one.

From my sketchbook with ballpoint pen, based on an old publicity photo of the one and only Robin Williams.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Giant Irradiated Panda!

I love Kaiju!  Godzilla remains one of my favourite all-time movie characters, although I've yet to see the new film.

A few of my friends are into film and webseries.  Their company is called Irradiated Panda and it gave me a little nudge for a doodle.  I also love pandas and you so rarely see them upset. Of course, if I woke up expecting to be in my lovely environment and finding myself to be irradiated with planes and helicopters buzzing around my head I'd be pretty grumpy too.  You'll note I kind of expanded on the initial prompt that captured my imagination.

I drew this with a ballpoint pen in my trusty pentel pocket sketchbook. :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life Drawings - July!

And now an update for July in the month of July no less!

A few recent life drawings:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

June Update (in July...)

Felt like I should share some art and some updates with you all.  Should be updating a little more frequently from here on out (certainly not with a two month lag, or thereabouts).

Here are some life drawings for you to peruse.  (Which were drawn in June) Nothing over ten minutes in drawing time.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014

My second time around at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo went fantastically well.  I loved it even more than my first time in 2013.  Maybe it was because I had some familiarity with the city now.  Or maybe it was because the people were so friendly and welcoming.  The one true notion is that it was just an all around great time!

My booth this year (without a pic of me in it)

You'd have found me in booth G-07 of Artist Alley.  Coincidentally, I shall be returning to this same location for 2015!  

I did my best to take pics of all my commissions, but of course, some slipped through again.  I did a really wonderful Rogue piece.  The one that I really wanted a photo of was of someone's cat.  The cat was lovely and incredibly photogenic.  I painted this lovely watercolour piece that had so much whimsy and beauty to it. 

On to some commission photos:
 This was my warm-up creation and a very nice person took a shine to her. 

These guys were great.  An entire family of cosplayers.  I like creating art from life.

Here is a two step picture of a sketch card featuring Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen.  Inks, then watercolours.  

And a collaboration that I did with my table neighbour, Craig Wilson.  So much contrast between the two because of well, dark and light.  Look - it's nine characters!

Another cosplay - this time a Red Lantern.

The first two Transformers commissions from the event:


And Red Alert

Then a Halo character, the Meta

And another cosplay - yet this time, it's a bit of a gender bender.

This next one wasn't a cosplay, but it was her first time at a convention and I just squeezed this in before the end of the night (though truth be told it was a few minutes after closing).  She was only there for Saturday so how could I not ensure it was completed in time?

Although, if there was a real Tardis involved, we could have had as much time as we'd wanted to.

The first Starscream!
Followed by a request for Optimus Prime!  Which was so much fun to create.

And a second Starscream!!

The final commission that I'll leave you with is this one, the lovely Zatanna.

Since I didn't appear elsewhere, I figure I'll share a photo of me, too.