Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Winter Olympic Games

Don't you love watching the Olympic Games? It's even better when they are in your home country. And it would be even better, were I heading over to Vancouver to see at least a part of them.

But, I am watching them on the television. I'm watching the grandeur of the Olympic Games on the good ol' boob tube. Yep, I've made kind of a boob of myself over the last few days. I've seen far too much television in the last few days, and the men's hockey tournament only started last night!

I have only managed to pull myself away long enough to take the silly puppy out for some admittedly really long walks and to watch an episode of G.I.Joe on Sunday evening. Oh right, don't forget the Simpsons, which was also an Olympic themed episode. Go figure.

Now it isn't like I spent all weekend watching tv, there were a few other things I got to do, but it feels like I spent the entire weekend watching sports. Funny isn't it? Watching sports? Oh right, I did also go for a skate on the nearby outdoor rink on Sunday night. It wasn't all bad in terms of mental nutrition.

The only thing is that these Olympics are so shiny and interesting. I'm a pretty visual person - if something catches my eye, I'm going to go see it. It's a terrible thing when I'm in a store because there are so many shiny and wonderful things out there. And when it is on the television? Well, it's pretty darn immediate. Thankfully, I guess, the extra television watching caught up to me and I actually went to sleep early last night. I got a good nights sleep!

I didn't get a heck of a lot done in the drawing department. That's something I have to balance out with the television time for the next two weeks. "Stargazing" is waiting to be drawn up.

Small Press Idol has posted our entry for "Stargazing" now, and the judges have made their notes. I'll refrain from commenting on those here. However, I do know what I need to do. Take a look at the first rough cover (yes, I would consider it to be rough - maybe with a little polish) because that won't be the final cover. We had some other considerations when I was working on this one, and I'll pull a couple of those other designs out and try them on for size.

So what ends up being the proper balance between watching the Olympic Games and drawing?

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