Sunday, May 9, 2010

About Friday

Well, I've a little story to share from Friday morning - I know it's no longer Friday...

It was a wonderful sunny Friday morning. I was waiting for the bus to whisk me off to work in the morning, standing on the grass and somewhat obscured by a nice comfy tree. This particular bus stop happens to be on the north east corner with a plaza featuring a ubiquitous variety store at the same part. Two other people were waiting at the stop with me. Another guy, roughly my age but with a shaved pate and wearing a gray hooded sweater; and a girl, younger than me listening to her ipod. I was wearing my black jacket with black pants, black cap and my black shoes that have the silk screened flames coursing over them. And yes, white socks...

I notice a minivan turning north to pass us and then it pulls into the parking lot behind us. A vehicle full of people at rush hour isn't anything out of the ordinary, especially going into the variety store in the morning. One gentleman hops out of the van (clad in a suit and tie) and heads directly toward me. He's probably gotten a lift to the bus stop and is traveling the rest of the way by public transit, I think. He says "Good morning" and I reply cheerily back. Just when I think he is going to ask me when the bus will be arriving, he slips a copy of "Watchtower" magazine out of his pocket and says "Now, I know you're waiting for the bus but I just want to ask you if theses images look familiar to you." Referring to the cover of the magazine he points to some devastation, famine, biblical type catastrophes and says "Does this look like some of the things that are going on in the world, right now?"

Of course I answer "Yes, sure." Pretty much the intent of the cover, that one. "Well, perhaps you're wondering what God is doing about this. If you flip to the articles in here, it says what He is doing about the world, right now." I just nodded politely. Then this gentleman says "Would you like to read about it and find out some answers because I can give this to you..."

My reply was "I'm good, thanks." To which he said "You're good?" "Yes." "Well then, you have a good morning," and he turned with out a glance at either of the other two people and went straight back to the minivan. The driver then pulled out and rather than leaving the parking lot in a northerly direction, he turned south - completely opposite to where they came to to simply speak to me.

Which left me wondering - did I have some sort of beacon over me? Did I just look like I needed to be saved at that time of the morning? Then I notice the girl waiting at the stop is giggling to herself and turning away in an attempt to not break out into full laughter. I was amused and smiling to myself. The other fellow just continued to sip at his coffee. It was definitely an interesting start to my Friday.

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