Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two in a Row!

Here I've gone and done it - two consecutive days with a post. Cheers for me!

Just to mention the weather for a moment - it was another rainy day to start but by late afternoon there was hardly a cloud in the beautiful sunny blue sky! Although it was still cold enough that I could see my exhalations...

I went to my local art shop this afternoon as I realized last night that my crow quill pen nib was far too giving. But my old one was perhaps the last of my Hunt #103 nibs. I'll have to track some down because the steel nibs just feel different from the Speedball imitation points that I picked up today. But the Speedball nibs are pretty nice too.

What's the real difference in the nibs - aside from perhaps the thickness of the steel and the width of the nib's shaft? I'll peg it to nostalgia, yet I do really love the old Hunt pen points.

And tonight I watched my Canadiens team knock off the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins in a seventh deciding game. Despite the 5-2 score it was still a nail biter!

As for the sketch - it's a cashier at an art supply store.

Have a great day everyone. And feel free to drop me a message about a commission!

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