Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thundercats - Lion Theme Week Pt II

Did you ever have any of the old LJN Thundercats toys? I never did - even though I can remember that LJN made them. I absolutely adored the television show. Watched it forever in rerun. And now I can watch it again via the same specialty channel that I catch G.I.Joe on.

No idea why I never had any of the toys other than the fact that I was too preoccupied obtaining Joe figures and Transformers. Star Wars and the mighty He-Man had both fallen off to the way side for me by that time.

Here's my sketch of Lion-O that I created the other night while watching the Thundercats. It was the episode where Panthro appeared to have gone bad. Of course, no Thundercat would ever turn evil - it was just a dastardly plan by the ever evil Mumm-Ra. Keeping with my affinity for Egyptian history and mythology was the Third Earth and the Thundercats nemesis. It is really no wonder why I liked that show so much.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe really pulled in a lot of its inspiration from Egyptian mythology - and other sources of course. But having just watched the first twenty episodes or so of the latest animated rendition (via the local library), I have to say that I saw an incredibly vast sense of design and inspiration taken from the Egyptians. Perhaps that's just me, but, all the same, I thought it was done quite well.

The poll that I conducted was to pick the favorite animal, and from the votes that I received, the lion was the mightiest. Hence, this is the Lion Theme Week. There will be two more lion images drawn and posted by me.

Additionally, you have the chance with the Lion Theme Week to win original artwork from me! Stay tuned for my next blog posting to find out the details.


  1. Thunder...thunder...THUNDER CATS! Haha I loved that show! Gosh, showing my age now huh? I don't think my kids would even know what a thundercat was lol. Love the pic. Love your work. Keep on keepin' on :). PS. Congrats on becoming a hubby :).

  2. Speaking of He-Man, we found an old She-Ra and the Princess of Power book at the volunteer library out in the country and the kids loved it, I think I had to read it to them like a million times. Battling the evil Hordak and Catra, etc... Good memories.