Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday post!

Today's my birthday - and I'm telling the web!  My wife got me a fantastic gift this year - totally.  Tell you all about it once we're back.

In the mean time, here's a portion of a painting that I started and finished last night.  Enjoy!

And just to show that I have not completely forgotten about my Lion Week - er, that is months...  here's the final piece - Braveheart from the Care Bears Cousins!

I'll get into the whole idea for a contest once we're back!  Yes, a very cool contest, stay tuned.

And if you have a chance, drop on by

There you can vote for the cover I created for "No Shadows Left Behind" for the prestigious Covey Award!

Since, I have your attention, (or at least, I hope that I still do) please also take a moment to stop by and possibly support an event for a very worthwhile cause.

Here's my artwork for it (which will be at the Portland, OR auction)

Yes, I know, a very image heavy post - but, I haven't been posting for a while! 

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