Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York, New York and the Chelsea Room

The Chelsea Room - Friday April 22nd - was the first time I showed my artwork in New York City!  It was splendidly awesome.

I was invited to show my work at "the Art of Fashion": New York's number one pop-up art show.  The Chelsea Room is the basement of the world famous Chelsea Hotel.  The list of famous and infamous people who stayed in this particular establishment is staggering.

Follow the stairs down to the Chelsea Room!

We arrived to the room early so that we could set up my pictures.  Then the show started at seven o'clock.  Along with myself and some other great artists, we had a DJ spinning some great tracks.  I just happened to be located below a speaker so my normal soft-spoken self had to raise his voice.  I was pretty hoarse by the end of the night, and actually didn't really have much of a voice at all the next day.  But, it was well worth it as I got to speak to some really cool people, all of whom commented on my art.  I sold a couple of pieces too!

My lovely wife.

My cousins Indira and Priya!

My friend Joe Ben.

Part of the fashion show Candy Rock Couture!

 It was such an amazing event!  And we both had so much fun.  I will be showing in New York again this year.  Once I have the date confirmed, I'll let everyone know!

We had some fun touring around New York as well.  It was pretty busy due to the long weekend, but since we were more concerned with seeing the sights rather than shopping, we did pretty well!

I like this store...

I'm in there - skating around at Rockefeller Center!
Standing (on my skates) right in front of the fountain.  Skating outdoors in April and it wasn't -10C!

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  1. Wow!! It looks like you guys had such a wonderful time! Congratulations on getting an Art Show in New York, of all places!! Thank you for sharing this marvelous experience with us all!!