Friday, July 1, 2011


After the very blustery windsday yesterday, I must admit that I was slightly disappointed with the weather today.  Don't get me wrong - it was a wonderfully lovely summers day.  But it was also Thorsday and I just kind of expected that dear old Norse god of thunder to throw us at least a few lightning bolts and thunder claps this morning... 

Of course I did just watch Thor the other night as well. 

Weather patterns and names of days aside, I do have something to mention. 

Could you find true happiness by sitting in a field of daisies?  It was a concept pitched to me a few days ago.  And of course it was in relation to the fact that yes, it would be likely that I would be truly happy sitting in a field of daises with a warm summer breeze; either with or without my sketchbook and a marking utensil.  

I thought it was a great concept, but didn't think I would be that likely to find such a place, nor to find tranquility and happiness there.

And yet, this evening, I did.  I sincerely found a great level of peace, tranquility and happiness on the last day of June.  I made my way to find a perch atop grassy rolling hills, broken by the odd violet or yellow wildflower.  Stood upon it for awhile, and then sat down and enjoyed watching the sun as it dropped below the trees across the rolling hills.  It was a very magnificent sight.  

The only thing missing was daisies.  Apparently I may not even require a field of daisies to find tranquility and joy...

Not from this sunset, but still a lovely one.

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