Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wow! It's already August...

Happy Lughnassad everyone! 

It's been quite a while since last I posted...  And I've been meaning to post at least two or three times in that while...

I would like to mention that I am now the Marketing/Art Director for Gray Haven Comics!  I'm pretty excited about it, too! 

Gray Haven runs my Kid Robo strip that I create each week with my writing partner, Marc Deschamps.  We're at episode 18!  If you've fallen behind on Kid Robo, you can catch up by clicking here:  http://www.grayhavencomics.com/category/kid-robo/

The ubiquitous Kid Robo!
The first page of the epic Kid Robo!
The affable Wally, bedecked in his driving cap.

I am working to finish a few pieces, and hopefully I can post them as quickly as I can.  For the moment, since I want to post some finished work, here's an RPG character I recently created for Vonschlick Productions.

They're fun little superheroes that I pulled from the ether.


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