Saturday, February 4, 2012

Subaru Canada Contest - Confidence In Motion

Hi everyone,

I have created another image that does not include scantily clad ladies... and it's for a pretty cool contest.

I am entered in the Subaru Confidence in Motion Contest over at #SubaruCanadaContest  It closes just two days from now and I need votes, or more particularly 'positive' comments about the submission itself so that I can make sure I'll be in the top ten.  Then my work will be displayed at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, later this month, as well as leaving me eligible to win the grand prize.

The image is the one up on my deviantart home page, or through this link:

I had a great deal of fun creating this image, and I'm thinking that there will be more digital tinkering coming in my future.  

Thank you very much for all your comments.  You all have my eternal gratitude!

I'll post it up here after the commenting period is concluded in less than 48 hours...

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