Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stripper Fairies

  Folklore and myth have fascinated me from since I first encountered them as a young child.  It never occurred to me that they were only long lost stories meant to teach about peril or dangers, nor that any single word of it was untrue.  Coming from a superstitious family will help reinforce these opinions.  Additionally, the point that one of my childhood bedrooms faced out on an old (and still used) cemetery will only further aid in the sentiment.

Of course, I always found fairies interesting.  The mischievousness of them, their size, and naturally, their beautiful wings.  They were always illustrated in such lovely ways, even those that were impish and not so attractive.  Later on I heard the stories of how the faerie folk were feared for worry that they meant you malice.  In Germany, if you left the path or road to follow a lovely faerie, it meant your death.  The lovely creatures would call you or lead you from the path so that you would lose your way forever or else stumble into something that would bring your doom, even simply doing the poor soul in themselves.

All of these thoughts whirled around and helped me to devise the temptations for 'men'.  For those of us who may be older and not so easily enticed by thoughts of play, how would the faerie folk present themselves?  Likely in a very sexy way.  Which is what led me to create my Stripper Fairy's some time ago.  And now I've revisited them with this being the first.

There is a truth in all of those old tales.  I believe there is still a great deal of magic left in this world if one has the inkling to find it.

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