Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Woman with Wolves

  Here is a piece that I created for fun; a cover sample to kind of stretch my skills so to speak and draw something a little different from what I have been drawing.  The differences from normal?  For one, the central character is not nude.  :)  

  It's a mix of ink and watercolours on some beautiful watercolour paper that I had hanging around.  The thing of it is that I bought this particular paper some years ago when I was working on my first comic project that went absolutely nowhere; I prefer to think of it as my learning project.  As for the paper - it's a rag stock and probably cold pressed because of the way it handles.  Wish I knew exactly what kind it is because I've fallen in love with it and I'm using it for almost everything I'll do.  Once I've figured it out, I'll be sure to mention it.

  If anyone would like to use this image as a cover for their publication or eBook, I'd be flattered.  Drop me a line and we'll talk about licensing.  

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