Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Great Con-G Weekend!

Con-G took place this past weekend in lovely Guelph, Ontario.  The snow and general malaise of the weather on Friday evening led to a really fun event.  I'm going to share some of the neat photos that I took of Daleks!  The Dr.Who Society of Canada was in attendance and the Daleks could occasionally be seen making their way through the corridors of the hotel exterminating the humans...

They were set up right at the front lobby of the hotel.  Where else can you lounge with Daleks?  It was a really cool sight.  If I wasn't at my table I would have been just hanging around there watching the what I believe were looping episodes of Dr.Who.

I set up my table in Artist Alley for the weekend then sat back and drew commissions for people from Friday through until Sunday evening.  First, a couple shots of my table:

And here are the commissions:

 The first drawing of the weekend was Cap.
Available for $10 +shipping
 The second was for Captain America with a giraffe, so naturally I drew Wally the Genius Giraffe from Kid Robo!  This was fun.
(available for $10 +shipping)
 Batman that I created for a really cool guy named Tom.  He has a youtube channel on comics and mentioned me in it.  You can see it here:
available for $10 +shipping
 Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect (never drawn this guy before)
 A very excited fellow had me draw him Batman punching a clown... :)
...and a Space Marine kicking ass!
Then I got my first ever My Little Pony commission from a fellow called Ember.
 Dick Grayson, Batgirl and Jason Todd.
 the Black Widow, Dr. Banner and Hawkeye

 This was a cool one - does anyone remember Supergirl who's Kryptonian name was Cir-El?  Here she is having a rather klutzy moment.

 Link!  This fine fellow went to my table mate who makes awesome stuff, including really sweet duct tape wallets.
And that guy named V.

 There's a few more photos and points to share - they'll be coming up in another post once I find those pics!

Con-G was fantastic!  If anyone else has photos of me that they'd like to share, please drop me a line.

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