Friday, May 3, 2013

Calgary Comic Expo - the Review

Finally, I have a chance to kind of collect my thoughts on the convention that was the Calgary Comic Expo 2013.  Very proud to say that it was a fantastic show and I really came away from it having had a really fun time and I learned a great deal.  This was the first big show for us to attend.  And it was a huge freaking show!  I didn't even make it to every building, let alone all around the grounds, or even through the entire convention hall itself.  For me, it was more important to hang around at my table and chat with people.  It's just so much darn fun!

I drew quite a number of commissions - but Sunday was definitely the busiest day for them!

Here are the sketches that I created over the weekend.  I think I got them all.  A few of these are still available for just $10 each, plus $2 shipping.  I'm also open to taking on new commissions for $10 plus shipping.  Drop me a note either way.

 The third last commission I drew on Sunday was for this fellow, Rudy.  He didn't make it back to my table to pick it up and I feel terrible about it.  I hope he finds this, or if you know him, can you please contact me?  I want to mail this out to him.

 Some of my friends from the webseries, Clutch were also there.  Always good to see them.

There is something going on with this lovely girl.  I don't know what just yet, but there is something...

This was so much fun to draw on!  I'm going to have to do this again on another sketch cover!

There are a few pieces missing from my photo list here.  Ah, well, it does happen to convention drawings I suppose.

Thinking Calgary hasn't seen the last of us.  :)

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