Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have a soft spot for Cobra Commander.  The man was all ambition, but at times just a bit weak in his convictions.  If he'd just stayed the course a couple of times, it would have been lights out for the Joes.  Lead by example.  Retreat and live to fight another day?  No wonder Extensive Enterprises took over Cobra's finances.  

Yet there was something rather likable about the guy.  Maybe it was just the lovely blue of his tailored suit or the shiny chrome of his face mask.  The Commander had a certain down on his luck, never count him out, stick to it attitude no matter how times you fail that really made him grow on you.

Then along comes Serpentor.  Created using his funds and his minions to usurp his command and take on the role of Emperor of Cobra.  Now this guy, he had a tonne of charisma and a certain charm.  Yet, he couldn't take over the world either.  No wonder he bullied the Commander.  It's gotta be frustrating to lose over and over again.

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