Friday, August 23, 2013

Fanny Friday!

Hello dear visitors, friends, and fellows.  It is once again time for Fanny Friday.  I can't believe how quickly the week passes by before I post yet another piece of fan art, or posterior pictures.  Every Friday I post up a piece of art that focuses on someone else's character in such that it is called fan art, and it can also feature that most marvelous of physical attributes, the fanny, or the rump, bum, bottom, backside, ass, or whatever else you refer to it as.  Today I felt like featuring that fur bikini bottom of the bootylicious Red Sonja.  

I have a huge collection of the Robert E. Howard Conan books, including what could be construed as the first appearance of the Red Sonya.  It took me much time to pull them together and thankfully it was when they could still be captured for only a dollar or two each.  Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith really turned her into something more than what she was.  I love the chainmail bikini and the fur bottoms.  It's just such a highly memorable outfit.  

As of this moment, I've not gotten into Gail Simone's run of Red Sonja with Dynamite.  I may get there, but damn it, I still love the chainmail outfit.

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