Friday, October 11, 2013

Fanny Friday!

Welcome back to Fanny Friday!  The weekly feature on my blog showcasing that lovely feature, the derriere, or as you may prefer, backside, bum, butt, rear end, buttocks, gluteus, arse, ass, or even more besides.  It's also a feature of some fan art.  And this one once again combines the two

We're going a bit ghoulish with this one a little fanny sighting from the other side. Dear old Danny O'Leery (originally spelled O'Leary but change by the townsfolk for his penchant for long lingering and creepy staring) met a tragic end. A little odd that that pit did appear awfully sudden right outside Danny's favourite bar whilst a parade of cheerleaders strutted past.  However it seems that a certain someone has a tush that can bring back the dead...

It's October, why not have Vampirella be front and center?

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