Friday, October 18, 2013

Fanny Friday

Returning for a double dip on Friday!  Count 'em, two posts in a single day.  Not really sure that this one counts for #inktober since it's not actually india ink, but ballpoint pen.  What the heck, it's still ink, right?

Welcome back to another in the ongoing series of Fanny Friday features!  Why Fanny?  Because it's a mix of fan art, and that rather centered physical attribute, the fanny (or as you may call it, backside, bottom, posterior, glutes, ass, arse, buttocks, butt, or whatever other simile you may choose.)  Today's feature does indeed mix both (because in some cases it can be either one or the other).  

Vampirella makes her second appearance in as many weeks.  This time though she is in blue ink, drawn with a regular papermate ballpoint, and part of my sketchbook.  Basically, she is a doodle.  :)

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