Friday, February 7, 2014

Fanny Friday!

Welcome back to Fanny Friday!

If you're not familiar with the Fanny Friday theme you should know that it involves either fan art of an existing character or art of the fanny!  You could also refer to the fanny as butt, bum, backside, arse, ass, seat, rump, glutes, derriere, etc, etc.

In order to welcome the opening of the games of the XXII Winter Olympiad, I've gone a little Russian.  Only a little, I suppose.  

Presenting a pencil sketch of the Black Widow, out on the slopes with her official Avengers branded snowboard. (A gift from their marketing department, I'd imagine.)

And for those of you that stuck around long enough, here's a little digital colour that I applied.  I so prefer traditional medium, but it's good to try something out of one's comfort zone from time to time.

Thanks for viewing.  I'm open to commission, in case you were curious. :)

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