Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Under the Bed

It may surprise you to know that when I was a child I had a very active and fertile imagination.  At night when I tucked into bed those ordinary objects suddenly became sentient and occasionally active.  Eyes in photographs would begin watching me, moving with me as I turned over, shadows would stretch and create shadows of undead beings and other things that bumped in the night.

Having my bedroom window facing the local cemetery for a few years when I was growing up may have slightly influenced my perspective.  At times I'm certain there were spirits and other worldly things swirling about in the air above that bit of land.

In time, I outgrew this, for the most part at least.  I don't mind those things that go bump in the night so much any more.  I can even enjoy horror stories and films (those old black and white ones that I always watched as a child).  Face your fears as they say.  Just like this little guy.

I'll have this piece available as a print at the Calgary Comic Expo next month.  If you're interested in a copy, you can pre-order from me so I'll be certain to bring one for you.

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