Thursday, January 28, 2010

Writing a Comic Book Is Like....

Writing a comic book, as it turns out is worlds away from writing a book or a script or.... 

It is like viewing the story and describing it accurately to someone else.  And I say viewing, instead of "like watching TV and describing what you are seeing" because you have to view the perspectives of the characters from where they are within that particular scene (panel, I guess is the word I am looking for) and write from there.

I joked to Christopher after I decided to enter Small Press Idol with him:

"What's a 12-page issue, like four paragraphs?" (he thinks I'm going to offend people with that...) 

It is a lot of dialogue, without background descriptions. The story has to develop at a quicker pace, though the characters have all the ingredients in this format as it would in any other, the real focus I believe is action. Comic books are very action oriented. 

We're getting it together for stage one of the contest, which includes the sketched cover and the pitch. 

 And more about the pitch tomorrow.... 

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