Thursday, January 28, 2010

Creative Expression

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Two weeks ago we shared some Chinese food from a near by restaurant. The fortune cookie that I opened had this to say:

"You express yourself easier in pictures than in words."

Seems to be a pretty spot on assessment, if you ask me. And now here I am working to express my thoughts in words. I would prefer to just throw up a sketch or a drawing that I did recently. Those I can knock off in little time. Writing takes longer. It is not so much in the fact that my mind works slower, it's just forced to slow down so that my typing fingers can keep up.

As my fortune stated though, it is easier for me to work in pictures. Reading between the lines (one line, I know) indicates that it does not say words are impossible for me. Artwork has been and still is what I've dedicated my creative energies to. It could be that these short blogs that I write will help in my speed and writing ability. One can only hope.

For the moment though, I'm just thrilled that I have Tina-Sue to write our "Stargazing" comic for the Small Press Idol competition.

I think that for the next post you'll be looking at a picture rather than reading some text...

As for whether artists or writers have it harder? Difficult to say as it is always an opinion, and biased at that. However I do get to see someone I love very much deal with this on a daily basis. So in that regard, I could say writers have it harder. But, I get to deal with a number of "rejections" as well. Does that happy tone help or is it just window dressing?

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