Monday, February 8, 2010

Submission Day!

We've spent the last few weeks preparing to enter the Small Press Idol  contest.  
The first step was of course to come up with a great concept and then to hammer that concept out. My part is to write a very good story, develop strong characters and to make sure this thing is interesting enough that people will want to read. That's what I usually do or try to do at any rate.  
The most important part of entering any submission is to follow instructions, so with that said, we can not post what we have until Small Press Idol has it first-those are the rules. 
 I am very happy with how the pitch and the cover have come out and I can't wait to start posting those two pieces. 

Just like any submission process, this one can rattle the nerves if I think of it too much. Maybe this one more than all the others because the artist I've decided to hitch my star to is, well the artist. 

I just hope we manage to make it into the first round! 

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