Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Small Press Idol 2010, round 1 is now closed to submissions. There are quite a few entries in there to say the least; and still a few to be judged (sounds so final...). Some really good looking work is entered in to this contest!

Now we’re coming into the second round – the character designs. And even more importantly the first round of public voting! Voting begins on April 5th.

What’s the best way to catch people’s attention and to get them to visit the website in order to vote?

I was walking in to work this morning while passing some small construction work where the city is beautifying a park. Ordinarily this isn’t anything more than itself. However, they were digging a hole with a backhoe! And there were three construction workers hanging around with shovels – well only two, the other was a white hat. There must always be a supervisor! Traffic was closed down to a single lane, which is also kitty corner to the elementary school where all the parents are normally trying to hurriedly drop off their children.

Today, none of the drivers seemed to be in their usual rush. No, they all wanted to slow down and take a good look in the hole. And every driver took their turn with great patience. I guess nothing beats a good old fashioned hole diggin’! Thanks to Abe Simpson for that quote.

This brings me back around to promoting “Stargazing”. I could print off some postcards with the web addresses and directions on how to vote then find people digging holes and hang out there passing cards to all the lovely passersby that slow down enough. I’m not quite certain how effective that would be though.

We have to bring the hole diggin’ to the internet. So how do we do that? I know that Tina-Sue has some great ideas for attracting attention and pulling in visitors. But can I come up with something that will bring in tones of eyes, and clicks? All I can say is that suggestions are welcome.

For the record, I took a peek at the hole too.

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  1. Good luck guys. I'm votin' and rootin' for you. -Sid