Friday, March 19, 2010

Daylight Savings Time... blah.

Wow, a new blog post. It’s been ages. Stargazing is still being worked on – though I’ll admit that I could be putting aside some more time for it. I’ve designed a few different rough cover ideas. Once I post them up on the Small Press Idol website, I’ll lay them out here as well.

Now as for the lateness of this post – I blame it all on Daylight Savings Time. I know, the clocks only went forward one hour last week. But, I was dreading it for weeks before that!

Losing an hour’s sleep is not really great for someone that sleeps so little already.

I have a number of thoughts about Daylight Savings Time. With the number on thought being that I really don’t like it. It should be removed altogether. I’d love to have an hour’s sunshine outside of working hours in December. Wouldn’t you? I think that would help to reduce the incidents of seasonal affective disorder. Humans need sunshine – I revel in it actually.

My internal clock still hasn’t recalibrated itself to wake up the hour early that the silly alarm clock refers to as the correct time. So I blame all my lateness and limited amount of production on the DST. I have realized that I can no longer blame Ben Franklin for coming up with the daylight savings time. He didn’t invent it. It was actually an etymologist from New Zealand so that he could have more free hours in the sunny afternoon to collect bugs.

We’ve had such beautiful weather this last week. It’s 14° Celsius outside right now. The last few days has hit sixteen and seventeen. And I’m not outside. It’s terrible that I’m not out enjoying this. To tell the truth though, I have been enjoying the weather all week – which is also in part to blame for my limited production…

So many excuses – nay reasons, as to why I have not finished enough work of late. There were a few other projects that got in there recently and took up a fair amount of time as well. They weren’t being done for me so I guess that’s why I haven’t felt like much has been done. Ah well.

I do know that I’m listening to Tripping Daisy’s “I Got a Girl” and I really love that song. And it’s pretty apt us too.

Spring is near!

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