Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stargazing Round 2 has been entered!

I'm so very excited! Really I am. I've now finished drawing, inking and colouring the character designs for "Stargazing". I would show you them right now but I have to let the Small Press Idol guys post first. So, a little more anticipation.

I can start posting images from our second round entry once they're posted on the Small Press Idol website.

Since the logo has been posted, I can at least share that with you!

The voting is finally open for this round! I do so hope that you'll all give us your support and register with Small Press Idol so that you can vote for us! The best thing is that you can vote on a daily basis up until the 30th of this month.

Then we get to find out who makes it into the third round. That's when everyone actually gets to see some finished product with the component being four completely finished pages of "Stargazing" being the requirement.

Okay, so that's all been done! We're posted, and ready to be judged. Sounds rather harsh, doesn't it?

I'll drop some of those images on here very soon, but I'm hoping you'll drop by the website here
and register and vote for us!

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