Friday, July 16, 2010

Off The Cuff

A warning - no thought went into this post...

Running on the fly here and trying to come up with something to say. It's been really muggy around these parts lately, finally broke tonight a bit with some nice rain - which felt really cold! But it was lovely to have. I'm actually getting accustomed to the high 30 degree Celsius days. It's somewhat alarming considering that spring and fall are really my favourite seasons.

I'm working on some drawings right now that I think are coming out just splendidly. Feeling a little tuckered at the moment so this blog proves to be my distraction and means of re-energizing.

On a side note - there are still no votes in my poll with only two days left. Is the poll not cool enough? Maybe. I wonder if I can extend it?

Oh, and here's a sketch or drawing of some sort or another that I pulled off the hard drive.

"Here's a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note" - wait, not what I wanted to say. Here's a little page I drew for a talent competition with Oni Press. I'll post the second page tomorrow.


  1. http://giftofdawn.wordpress.comJuly 16, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    did not get the memo on the extended poll send me a new one and I will try and get to it today God willing and the conection lasts ... hugs Linda Scott

  2. drawing pole not working I love meerkats but dogs are great tooooooo ... hugs

  3. Off the cuff post best kind. Loved this one! Will also vote.


  4. Thanks Linda. I haven't figured out how to extend the poll yet, not that it's taking any votes for some reason or another. But, feel free to leave a comment indicating what your favourite character is. It might take me more time to sort the votes, but I'm good with that.

    Meerkats - I've never drawn one of those - dogs on the other hand, well, I love drawing dogs and dogs in general!

    Thanks for the kind compliment LaVerne!