Sunday, July 18, 2010

Running Late

Sometimes I get caught running late. I think it happens more often than not. I've typically been a clock watcher for much of my life. Since I haven't bothered to replace the battery in either my watch (which I really like) or my pocket watch (which I like even more); the lateness seems to be even more prevalent.

Although it tends to come in sporadic intervals. I'll run weeks without being late for work, even getting in early; and then in just a matter of a few days it will all fall apart. But somehow I still end up being on time often enough to have things balance out.

I don't run late on my drawing assignments or artwork - but the reasons for that are probably pretty self explanatory.

For some reason we always seem to have a late dinner. But most of that is my fault. I like to walk home (or ride home once I have my bike tuned up). I walk rather quickly, but sometimes I just like to dawdle. And I don't even realize it when I'm doing it. Then suddenly I rush back to real time and it dawns on me that it is quite nearly dawn. Although I've not come home from work that late.

I like to take my time and hone my craft with whatever I may be doing. Whether that be drawing, painting, or cooking. There are so many ways to create, and provide not just sustenance, but nourishment for the mind, the body, and the soul.

Have you noticed that my poll seems to be actually taking votes? I have! Thanks to those of you that have voted and those that will. This shall prove to be a fun little distraction.

Since this posting may register as being done on Sunday, I'm simply going to post two more pages from my Oni Press submission. Enjoy!

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