Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snake Goddess

Time to update my blog, yet again.  And it appears that yet again I've left it neglected in cyberspace here for some time.  It's not that I don't like my blog, I've just been busy creating artwork and not thinking of some other things.  It happens, I'll admit.

Here is a piece I did as part of a competition over on http://www.penciljack.com/  This one was a winner!  I won my match, which gave me a pretty close battle.  Anyway, it's a fun place to spend some time wandering through, at least for me.

This is a snake goddess, based upon some ancient Minoan relics and sculptures.  I saw a program on television showing a team of archaeologists trying to piece together a male fertility statue... very intriguing.  The Minoan culture was pretty much wiped out and absorbed (as happens many times when one country is victorious over another) so it's hard to track these things down.

Hope you enjoy it - I'll be back.

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