Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en! ...and NYCC 2011 Recap!

Happy Hallowe’en!  It’s my favourite time of the year in all honesty.  Also, I wish you all a very Blessed and Happy Samhain.

I’ll be speed carving my jack-o-lanterns as soon as I get home (which is typical for me) so that they can be out in time for the little and not so little goblins.  Maybe next year I’ll give out Kid Robo comics to the kids that knock on our door!

Speaking of Kid Robo, there’s a 2011 Hallowe’en Special up at Gray HavenComics.

There are some other great comics at the Gray Haven website, including my next webcomic with my friend and writer Ray Goldfield - “Chuck University” (which updates on Thursday afternoons).  Drop by and check them out.

Since it is All Hallow’s Eve – here is my print that was available exclusively at NYCC.  I still have a few remaining.  Email me if you want one for just $20.

 I love It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  I must have watched it nearly a hundred times.  This is my little tribute to it.

And this leads us into the second half of this two-for-one post.

The NYCC 2011 Recap

I've never had so much fun at a con before New York Comic Con, this year.  It had a lot to do with the people that I was hanging around with.  What a great bunch of guys and girls to be associated with.

Having friends and family show up to support you and chat was fantastic!  The number of awesome new people that I met and spoke with is astounding.  I'm already looking forward to next year's show.

I also had an exclusive Kid Robo print for NYCC.  You can see it here, and if you want one of the remaining copies, just message me:

I had some new samples to show off to interested people and a portfolio that was fit to burst since I had it completely full. 
There were two people that I was really really looking forward to meeting.  And I did!  In no particular order, they are Terry Moore and Jason Pearson.  They have such very different artistic styles and layouts but I'm a huge fan of both their artwork.  Both Terry and Jason are fantastic people, too!

Here are the latest mainstream samples that I took with me to NYCC: (All characters are copyright their respective owners)

And that’s it for this two-for-one posting. I’ll be far more timely in November!

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