Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rise and Fall of the Gorgon

I love the tale of the Gorgon.  I know the story itself is rather an atrocity, considering what happens to Medusa and all.  It definitely has a lot to do with seeing "Clash of the Titans" when I was a child.  I loved all of the Harryhausen films and that was the only one that I got to see in the cinema.  Of course, I'm refering to the original 1981 film.  Liam Neeson was cool as Zeus, but he just cannot hold a candle to Sir Laurence Olivier.

I finally managed to make it out to one of the monthly life drawing sessions ( last night.  Far too long a time has passed - the timing has just been off over the last few months.

At least the drawings came out pretty well.  Some of these I'll play with and maybe turn into paintings, but I wanted to present them as they are now, in their unfinished sketchy state.  Or, as they were last night.

Now I have some fodder to create a really cool Medusa pic...


Athena, again

Athena and the Gorgon

Medusa and a female Perseus.  Now I'd like to meet Andromeda.

I love the rather gleeful look in Perseus' expression.
*No models were harmed in this session.  It was a mannequin head...*

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