Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gladstone & Gustav

Thanks to the good old people at Google, I'm reminded that today is Gustav Klimt's 150th Birthday.  Now, I'm all inspired and I have a busy day ahead already...

I was fortunate enough to visit the touring show of some of his works when they visited Canada a number of years ago.  And even then it was a fair trip to go see his art, but damn, it was well worth it.  Can you tell that I love his work, yet?

While I'm talking about the whole artwork hanging in a gallery issue, I'd like to point out that I will have a couple pieces hanging next week at the Gladstone Tavern Artbar on Queen Street West in Toronto from the 18th to the 24th!  The big gala is on the 20th, hope to see you there!

Gladstone Hotel ArtBar, 1214 Queen Street West
Gala: July 20th  7pm to 11pm
exhibition runs from July 18th to 24th

I'll produce something cool and art related later, but for now, here's some life drawings that I've been saving up...

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