Sunday, August 5, 2012


The conversation that takes place in hushed tones somewhere deep within the hallowed halls of the All England Lawn Tennis Club might be going a little something like this.

"Well, he's gone and won it at Wimbledon, hasn't he?"

"Yes, technically"

"That's good enough for me then"

"But it's part of the Olympics and is being used as a venue only, not actually Wimbledon.  I mean, did you hear that bloody racket from the rock music?"

"Yeah, but he's won it at Wimbledon as far as I'm concerned."

"What about all those garish colours these men were wearing?  It should be nothing but whites for it to be a proper victory."

"Again, that's besides the point."

"And the fans, they were waving flags, cheering boisterously, and causing quite the din.  It's so untraditional."

"Exactly why we can pull this off, innit?"

"Put it to a vote.  All in favour of simply adding the title of Wimbledon Champion on to his medal and not holding a tournament at our hallowed grounds next year since we'll have a British Champion, raise your hands -- no, this cannot be possible, you cannot all agree with this lunatic idea.  It's preposterous, we cannot call of a championship based on a technicality."

"This cannot stand, I'm off to inform the WTA of this most insane suggestion!"




"All right then, we're all agreed.  Somebody drop him off somewhere in the middle of France wearing nothing but his bloomers.  Gentlemen, we finally have a British Champion at Wimbledon!  Go Team GB!!"

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