Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mama de L'eau

Folklore and mythology resonate strongly within me.  They're a couple of subjects that I have studied rather deeply and they continue to fascinate.  I know this is true of many people.  Something that is so ingrained within the collective consciousness can really bring up some wondrous feelings.  

When I created this piece there was a lot of emotion and maybe even a little fear summoned.  I haven't shared you with her because well, I wanted to keep her for myself.

Mama de L'eau (or Mama Glow, Mama Dlo) is a mythical figure from the traditional folklore of Trinidad & Tobago.  She dwells in the swamps and there is of course a duality to her.  You can read some more about her and other folklore of Trinidad here:

  It's not an exhaustive resource but it's a nice little primer.  

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