Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jack's Day

Since I see no reason to not give a title to August 28th, in my own mind at least, it can be called Kirby Day.  In honour of Jack Kirby's date of birth of course.  :)

My small tribute this year is my drawing of his character - Etrigan the Demon.  I could pick from any one of several hundred characters for sure, but I love this rhymin' villain.  I wasn't around to read the original series when they were produced, but I was definitely ready to catch the second run by Alan Grant and Val Semeiks.  I was so excited to read it.  Being still rather youthful at the time I ran downstairs after reading part of it to say "Hey Mum, you'd love reading this comic!  It talks about brimstone, hellfire, Merlin, demonic curses, and Beelzebub! It's so awesome!  And did you know that the Demon character, Etrigan was created by Jack Kirby?!"  No mention of Jason Blood or the rhyming meter of Etrigan, but I mention one of the devil's names. Weird, huh?  The response was a rather piqued "What are you reading, son?"  To which I said "Nothing - just a comic" and hastily returned to my room. There was no way I was losing that book. 

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