Friday, August 30, 2013

Fanny Friday

I'm back for the fifth and final Fanny Friday of August.  Yes, there have been five Fridays in this month alone - a perfect starting point for a regular feature.  Fear not, for Fanny Friday will continue on beyond Labour Day weekend (if you're in Canada or the States) since I really enjoy doing it so much.

The fanny part of the title refers to either character fan art, the rear end (posterior, buttocks, backside, bottom, ass, trunk, or as you will) and occasionally both.  Since it is a long weekend here, I'm heading into it on a double billing, a crossover in fact.  This Fanny Friday features Catwoman and the Black Cat!  

Catwoman has had so many different costume designs over the years, and there is something that I like in all of them.  It could be the nostalgia for the crazy cape like dress and domino mask design of her original outfit; the black leather catsuit of the '66 Batman television series; the slight redesign and streamlining of her 70's dress; the gray leotard; Michelle Pfeiffer's costume in Batman Returns; or the current Darwyn Cooke inspired design; but one thing is for certain and that is Selina Kyle has always been a rather inspired and fashionable dresser.  I'll admit that I sometimes miss her tail, though.  The Black Cat, Ms. Felicia Hardy has pretty much always worn the same outfit, except for some minor tweaks to her design.  You've got to hand it to them for not giving her a new wardrobe.

Both Catwoman and the Black Cat have decided to burgle the condo of a wealthy dowager on this night.  After a little jocular verbal sparring, and perhaps a bit of cattiness, the Black Cat stands down and jumps off the ledge in search of other ways to fund her crazily extravagant spending sprees.  It's hard to be a socialite!  

While she's leaving, Selina has a bit of a smile on her face.  Is it a bit of admiration for her recklessness, her somewhat mimeographed moniker, or is she just checking out Felicia's assets?

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