Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tanked Tuesday

Fabulous Labour Day Weekend for you?  

Whatever may constitute a fantastic long (or regular) weekend for you, I hope that you had it!

Tank Girl as you may know was quite the um, reveler.  She cursed, drank, swore, smoked, swore, shot things, swore, drove a tank, swore, dressed rather provocatively if at all, swore some more, and was also promiscuous with a mutant kangaroo...  What's not to like?  She was all class - back of it, but at least you were well aware of where she was coming from.  Not all that long ago, I happened to acquire an anniversary edition collecting the first four issue Tank Girl miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics.  Crazy, weird, and somehow endearing, I really enjoyed revisiting it.  

I'm sure this scene may have made up part of one of Tank Girl's weekend imbibing, or maybe just after a day of hard driving...

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