Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Duo (part of a Trio)

If you were one to read comics back in the last decade, you'll probably be familiar with the characters Natasha Irons and Traci 13.  Natasha is the niece of Steel - one of the Superman fill-ins when Supes was taken down by Doomsday.  (Please do not confuse this with the film version featuring Shaquille O'Neal - which I've never felt the need to taint my brain by watching. The poster on it's own can almost leave a terribly tangible funk on your hands.)  John Henry Irons was a character that I had an affinity with - he built his own supersuit out of parts and technologies he engineered.  How cool is that?  And then he made his niece an outfit all her own.  

I'll admit that Traci 13 is a character that I'm just not that familiar with.  But I did enjoy drawing her, and well, really enjoyed drawing her iguana familiar.  Crazy, huh?  

Maybe I draw too many women?  

Now that last sentiment is definitely a crazy notion.  

These were commissions created for the same person that asked for a Supergirl Cir-El back in February.  The three of them are good amigas.  

By the way - if you're looking for a commission of a character, feel free to drop me a little note.  :)

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