Friday, September 6, 2013

Fanny Friday!

Hey everyone!  It's Friday!  And what better thing to look forward to than the fanny?  

That's right, pretty much nothing.  So many words of innuendo are floating through my noggin right now...

Butt, welcome back to Fanny Friday!  This is my regular feature where I post some of my fan art which may or may not also feature the fanny (or in other descriptions, backside, butt, rear end, posterior, ass, junk in the trunk, you get the gist).  Since it is the first week of September I decided to go with a "Back to School" character, and return to Sunnydale High.

Of course, it's Buffy!

I never really got into the show until I passed by it on the tv some time in the fourth season and she was swinging an axe.  I'd already seen the campy movie, which I kind of actually liked.  Rutger Hauer and Pee Wee Herman as bad guy vampires?  Awesome.  Kristy Swanson was a pretty good Buffy in that, too.  But her watcher was played by Donald Sutherland - which was the coolest part.  Yeah, that's right, a movie about a cheerleader turned vampire slayer and I think the cool part is the old dude.  Come on, the guy is an institution in his own right.

On to the art!

Those vamps are toast - especially the one with the too tight shirt and the popped collar...

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