Monday, September 9, 2013

The Great Canadian Toycon Wrap-up

Over the last weekend, on Sunday to be exact, I was at a toy show.  I know, toys and comics - do they go together?  Of course they do.  Besides, I got to hang out near a small fortune's worth of toys, both Mint in Sealed Box and opened and enjoyed!  There was a lot of vintage toys and memorabilia to choose from.  And there were some great new items like the Masterpiece Transformers that I covet...

It was well organized and everything ran like a dream.  It was a good show! Really enjoyed speaking with some people and sharing my art as well as chatting with a few of my friends that were also there.  Also, I got to draw a few commissions as well as debut a few new prints of my own making.

 Natasha Romanoff is one of my favourite female Marvel characters.  For some reason I seemed to think that Black Widow was originally Daredevil's girl, but that came about after she defected from the USSR...

Billy Batson was such an intriguing character to read when I was a kid.  After all, he got to meet a wizard who told him that all he had to do was shout out a name and he'd have the powers of six gods!  I know that he was an analog of Superman and Fawcett ended up losing his rights to DC but man, was he ever a cool character.  

Passed some time by creating a few other characters at my table.  If you're interested in any one of them, do send me an email.
 Captain America just came out on the board because I'd heard his name mentioned a few times and there was a shield on a t-shirt... Gained a little inspiration and rendered this fellow in markers.
 This was actually my first sketch of the day.  A little bad-ass Logan posturing.  
Cavewoman just started brewing in my head because I think...  To be honest, I simply wanted to draw a hot girl in a bikini.  Meriem fit the bill pretty well.

By the by, if you're interested in getting a commission, I'm available.  

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