Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the Golden Lagoon

Yes, another reference to the classic Transformers cartoon series.  This time a specific episode "The Golden Lagoon"

Beachcomber found his way into that amazing lagoon that was such a peaceful place.  Nothing but serenity and a massive flourish of flora and fauna were to be found there.  When he found that place he just reveled in it.  It's a sentiment that I would share highly.  Although I was quite young at the time I saw this I think I really understood it's importance.

Then there was that little stumble and he realized that the golden water would actually coat his alloy skin and protect it from all forms of attack.  I got caught up in the furor and the idea that every Transformer was going to emerge from the lagoon all coated in gold.  I was hoping for it, and suddenly Omega Supreme somehow emerged from the seemingly impossible depths and breadth of this small pond!  It was so much fun to be caught up in that zeitgeist.

Battle is over, the Autobots had "won".  Left in the aftermath is a once beautiful and serene space that was laid waste because of war.  Both Beachcomber and I were left saddened at it's destruction.  An amazingly powerful episode it was and it's left a lasting impression upon me.  There's such a spectrum of feelings involved in it.  I suggest you find it and either re-watch or watch it for yourself.

Beachcomber with a friend from the Golden Lagoon.
And Shockwave!  A character that did not emerge from the lagoon as he was still looking after Cybertron, of course.  I've made prints of both of these images.  A coloured version of Shockwave will arrive some time soon.

Thanks for reading!

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