Thursday, August 15, 2013

Transformation Thursday

Have you ever dreamed of sailing through the far reaches of space and exploring the unknown universe?  If you were like me then you definitely did, and still do.  If you had any sort of childhood like mine then you tried to find everything you could based on space exploration.

I collected many of the original Transformers and still have those very same toys, tech specs, file cards, and all the rest.  Of course you'd have to mention Omega Supreme, Astrotrain, and Sky Lynx when speaking about interplanetary transforming robots.  But, of the space faring adventurers in the series it took me the longest to get my own Cosmos figure.  Yes, the tiny little mini-spy that could at one point converse with Spike almost face to face without crouching who somehow expanded to such enormous proportions in flying saucer mode that he could carry damn near the entire Autobot contingent all the way to Cybertron.

I pay some tribute to the little green fellow with today's bit of mecha/Transformer inspired art.  First, the straight up black and white inked impression:

Followed of course by the colour version!  Cosmos is jumping right into the breach!

I've drawn a few more since this guy as he's kind of whet my appetite for mechanical construct delineation.  I'll share those in future posts.

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