Monday, September 23, 2013

A Maraudin' We Will Go

Where were ye on this Thorsday last?  That day bein' the wonderf'l bellicose 'n' fantastical International Talk Like One o'us day - what me were meant to say was International Talk Like A Pirate Day

I love this day!  I did not miss it and in fact spent a few moments of my time playing to the part on my twitter (you can follow me, I don't mind).  It's something I hope that everyone catches on to eventually.  Nice to see so many people having fun and enjoying themselves with an enthusiastic "Arrr, matey!"

Out of that day came this lithe and somewhat busty figure.  She be th'one that goes by the name Long Leg Jane - on account of the one barbarous and bamboozled pirate who did call her Peg Leg Jane.  Her reply was "Which would ye prefer, matey - a shot or a shot?"

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