Friday, September 20, 2013

Fanny Friday

Hey everyone!  It's Friday!  This one features someone who'd likely giggle at the word fanny...  

Butt, first and foremost, welcome back to Fanny Friday!  This is my regular feature where I post some of my fan art which may or may not also feature the fanny (or in other descriptions, heiny, backside, butt, rear end, posterior, ass, junk in the trunk, you get the gist).  

I don't really get why you shouldn't wear white after Labour Day - I know I could just google it and find out the reason.  But there's no logic to it.  I like white clothes - and what if your favourite fall jacket was white?  What then - you're screwed - or you go get a jacket that isn't of a colour you can no longer wear after Labour Day.  I wouldn't care if someone wore a Christmas sweater in September.  I'd just think that they were way behind on their laundry, or they were crazy, or perhaps it's Bill Cosby doing a publicity stunt for Jello Pudding Pops.... wait, do those even still exist?

Enough feckless banter - here's your Fanny Friday feature - the Mistress of Mirth, Harley Quinn!

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