Tuesday, September 17, 2013


When I was a child and we were heavily into buying G.I.Joe toys (as opposed to now when the only difference is that I'm not a child) the one female figure was oddly enough not all that easy to find.  I don't remember seeing racks and racks of Scarlett alone.  If that had been true I likely would have acquired her long before I ended up paying far more than it was originally on store shelves for, and I would have had her backing card still!  I recall scads of Baroness figures and even saying "no, it's all Baroness figures and no Quick Kick".  The Baroness is another story.

Scarlett was one of the stars of the original animated series.  And she was awesome in the comic book to boot, where she had her long time on/off romance with Snake Eyes!  Her character was very well written and so I would have been happy to have added her to my battalion.  She may even be the reason why so many of the female characters I draw end up with red hair...

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