Friday, September 13, 2013

Roald Dahl Day 2013

Yes, two posts in a single day for me!  I already did my Friday the 13th post but I would be negligent of my own influences were I not to do a posting for Roald Dahl Day!

Roald Dahl was a big influence on me in storytelling.  It has a lot to do with sensitivity to the characters.  They can live and breathe, they have idiosyncrasies, quirks, interests, and weaknesses.  Those little details are what gives that character more depth and humanity, or in some cases villainy.  I loved his outrageous stories and the pure joy that was evident whenever I read his works.  The first of his books I read was "the BFG" and "the Witches" as I received them at the same time.  It wasn't until some time later that I borrowed "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to read.  

Quentin Blake needs to be mentioned here as well.  His odd and somewhat instinctive delicate lines and colours gave so much to Dahl's characters.  I loved his style, and still do.  Again, there is a sense of joy and revelry in his illustrations.

In keeping with that notion I've loosened up a little on this drawing I've created for Roald Dahl Day.

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