Friday, November 15, 2013

Fanny Friday - Triple Threat!

I missed the last two Friday's posts!  Yargh!  I feel so terrible about that.  So I've decided to make it up to myself, and to any of you who drop in to see some of my Fantastic Fanny Art by making this a double posting.  TRIPLE posting! (I was planning to do a double dip last week...)

I did do a sketch the first week of November, once again in my handy dandy pocket sketchbook.  I love drawing in ballpoint pen, it's so much more difficult to smear.  Plus, if I feel like adding a splash of watercolour, acrylic paint, or even an ink wash, it doesn't become completely lost.  Try it, you might like it!

So welcome back to Fanny Friday!  The weekly feature where I showcase some fan art of a character, or fanny art.  Of course fanny refers to the butt, backside, ass, arse, posterior, gluteus, buttocks, the junk in the trunk, or whatever else you may call it!  It's not necessary that they showcase both at the same time, but it mostly does! :)

First up, that most glamorous of glamazons the Sensational She-Hulk!  What a fun character to draw and read.  I always loved her origin that she gained her powers through a blood transfusion with her cousin Bruce.  Gamma rays stay within the blood!  Who knew? :)

The second dose of Fanny Art is the Enchantress!  Of course, this is a special lingerie edition.  Though she seems to have forgotten a piece of clothing or two...

The third and final Fanny Friday art of this post is a bit of a cross-over.  Game of Thrones meets G.I. Joe, or I should say Cobra and the Baroness.

I'm sure that Cobra Commander would love this show.  Imagine House Cobra battling with House Destro?  There's no way that Laird Destro would be supine to the Commander, a mere Commander?  Hah.  Could even have House Cobrala with Serpentor as it's young king.  And then the Baroness would likely travel freely from Kingdom to Kingdom and set about creating deception and partnerships all to her own benefit.  

Don't forget, I'm available for commissions - drop me an email!

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