Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Unplugged Expo 2 - the Review

What an interesting convention!

I had a lot of fun at this one.  The building was really intriguing.  The area that it was in was rather well, perhaps not the most conducive to foot traffic.  However, it was a pretty cold and damp Saturday.  Spirits inside seemed alright, though it was a dramatically long day.  They say that the people are what makes a con and those who were at Unplugged 2 were pretty fun.

Some commissions on the day included the best (in my humble opinion) Captain America/Deadpool crossover.  He was decidedly more Deadpool than Cap and was very amusing.  

And from League of Champions: Lee Sin.  I've never drawn this dude before so I really enjoyed it. 

Met Ruriko-Sama (who dwells on deviantart) and we did a little art trade.
Here's what I created for her, her OC --
Sticking to an anime theme, I asked her to draw one of my favourite characters, Motoko Kusanagi.

A really cool sketch I made up of Elektra.  

Time for the Danbo intermission report.  :)  At the end of Saturday, Danbo popped out to have a chat with Dancin' Jack who was still going strong after shimmying and hot-footing it all day long.  The light makes him happy and keeps him dancing. ;)

And Danbo met up with Jack of the Lantern, though his would have glowed in the dark anyway.   

The next morning we were greeted with a lovely sunrise.  Time to get back to the table, Danbo!

I missed taking a photo of one of my sketches somehow.  Seems to be the way for me some times.

This next sketch was one of the most enjoyable and creative character combinations that I've had the pleasure of drawing.  Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch) taking umbrage with someone for stepping foot on her beach...

 That someone turned out to be awfully tall!  Menasor was kind of dumbstruck I think.  

The Toronto Captain returned, this time dressed in his western garb.  No less funny than he was the day before!  A very neat image to draw, so many ways I could have dallied and added details to this.

My final two commissions of the day were to make superheroic and supervillainous characters out of a couple of cool people.  The first one was finished in the dying moments of the show, and the second one at home...

The difference a scanner makes, eh?

Well, it's only the second time and yes, they do have some work to do.  It was great talking with the organizer as he was ready and available all weekend to chat and deal with any problems that arose.  He also made a point of dropping by the tables and chatting, which was quite kind and something that I believe all organizers should do.

Until next time, Toronto!

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