Friday, December 6, 2013

Fanny Friday!

Welcome back to another fabulous Fanny Friday that is actually quite festive!  I love alliteration.

In other words: Friends, Fiends, and Foes, follow me to fantastical festive Fanny Friday fan art!  

Got as much as I could in there.

It's my regular weekly posting of fan art and/or fanny art (or if you like, backside, rump, posterior, ass, arse, buttocks - you get the drift.)

Today's piece features Paul Dini's Jingle Belle.  Yes, she's Santa Claus' daughter.  If you don't know her, you can find out more about her here:

Repeating something that I tried out last week, here is the inked version of my drawing above.

And below you'll see my digital colours.  

And if you're curious, I am available for commissions. :)

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