Monday, February 1, 2010

Different Lines of Time

The Small Press Idol guidelines state "Deadline for the round:
All submissions for this round will be accepted from February 8th - March 22nd"

That tells you that the deadline for the first round is March 22nd. 
In my mind, the deadline is Feb 8th and that means that I have to have the pitch ready by Feb 6th. 

I never miss a deadline and I am always, early for everything. Being on time is very akin to being late in my world. 
 Christopher doesn't have the same view. For days, I have been talking about "THE DEADLINE" and fretting and obsessing and worrying. 
 With typical laid-back-ness, he's been "Yeah, we'll it get in early don't worry". 

To be fair, he meets his deadlines. On time (which is late in my world) .
And time to those under his zodiac sign (in my experience) is this really odd concept. Time just doesn't show up in their purview until the time for whatever is, has actually arrived. 

So the pitch is done. Ready to be given one more polish and a few reads. The cover sketch???? 
 Is still a thumbnail. 


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